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Be part of a transformative journey in cancer care. Learn more about the Buck Cancer case study.

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Service Description

Empowering Cancer Care Through Research & Compassion Pharmtrue, in collaboration with Trichome Alliance, introduces the Buck Cancer initiative." Pharmtrue, in partnership with High Horse Cannabis Co., Botanix Extract Engineers, and the Trichome Alliance, is pioneering a groundbreaking initiative called Buck Cancer. Born from personal experiences and a shared vision, this initiative aims to provide Full Spectrum Oil (FSO) to cancer patients, shedding light on the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids. While FSO, commonly known as Rick Simpson Oil, has shown promise in alleviating cancer treatment side effects, its full benefits are yet to be explored. This initiative not only offers relief to patients but also undertakes a comprehensive case study to understand the potential effects of FSO. Spearheaded by the combined efforts of community leaders like Colt deMorris and our very own Dr. Joaquin Acosta, CEO of Pharmtrue, the initiative is set to provide 60 grams of FSO to 42 cancer patients. With the expertise of a pharmacist, the treatment process is meticulously tracked, ensuring valuable data collection. This endeavor embodies Pharmtrue's core values of compassion, innovation, and community engagement. As we stride forward in this journey, we invite our community to be a part of this transformative cause. Learn more, join, or support the Buck Cancer initiative today.

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Pharmtrue Downtown Dispensary & Manufacturing 227 S Main St, Las Cruces, NM, USA

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